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The project recipients will be pleased with many great events, where the main aim is to provide an attractive, accessible knowledge on biodiversity, ecology, how to respect nature and live in harmony with nature.Children and young people involved in the project are taking a part in:

Terrain and stationary natural workshops  run with using purchased under the project binoculars, camcorders, cameras, magnifying glasses, microscopes, suitcases eco-investigator and educational films.

Residential workshop held in specially designed and equipped with modern, interactive teaching aids natural halls, natural and floral rooms, as well as dedicated to sources of renewable energy.

Natural terrain workshops mainly are based on the observation of vegetation, birds and insects in their natural surroundings, using a key to identify plants, plants and animals atlases, and search for animal tracks. There are also held educational workshops in Wrocław Zoo, where participants learn about various issues concerning the protection of animal species, their construction, methods of communication and movement, breeding and domestication of the species. They also receive educational materials, gadgets and souvenirs from Wrocław Zoo.

The project organizes excursions to research and teaching institutions in Wroclaw, among others, to the zoo, botanical garden, Garden Experience "Humanitarium", arboretum and ecological centers such as landscaped park Chełmy, Barycz Valley, Jerzyca Valley, nature reserves in the Sudety Mountains, Sowie Mountains, Biebrza National Park, Przemkowski Landscape Park, Dałkowska Hill. During the trips many workshops take place with qualified employees of the above Centers, with use of binoculars, magnifying glasses, compasses, maps and atlases and other educational and scientific assistance.

In the framework of extra-curricular activities were launched circles of interest: natural and eco – graffiti in the Secondary School No. 24 and natural eco - photo in the Primary School No. 22. Participating in the wheels of interests is intended to stimulate creativity, foster the interest of ecology and natural sciences, and the arts. Interest circles are carried out using purchased binoculars, camcorders, cameras, magnifying glasses, microscopes, suitcases eco-investigator, educational films.

During eco picnics and eco events with students of educational institutions and the local community the most popular subjects is related to organic food (salads, juices, etc.) Also many other attractions are held: an exhibition of household pets, painting with chalk (theme: fauna and flora), eco graffiti - happening, planting - laying flower beds, eg. in the form of bees, photographic exhibitions.

All recreation and sports competitions are based on the use of secondary raw materials (eg. bowling with bottles, building with cardboard boxes, tug of war). In addition, there are educational tents where mental entertainment is provided as well as meetings with representatives of the natural sciences.

Students can participate in themed contests with prizes (eg. The best design of eco - leaflet and competition for the song of nature).

Lectures  which are based on the foundation of knowledge based on the latest scientific research with issues of ecology and conservation. All lecturers are from universities, such as University of Life Sciences in Wrocław, Wrocław University, and Wrocław University of Technology. Also there are special lectures for children, run by professionals from Wroclaw’s institutions, working in the field of education, such as the Wroclaw Zoo, Gardens of Experience "Humanitarium" in Wrocław, Wrocław Botanical Garden and its branch in Wojsławice. They organize lectures devoted to the displacement of native species by invasive species in the world of plants and animals, ecosystems Lower Silesia, forms of protection of natural heritage, endangered species, climate changes, and renewable energy sources. As part of the chats for the youngest are organized meetings with beekeeper, a forester, an ornithologist, a veterinarian, a meteorologist.